About Istanbul




Istanbul, the Queen of the Cities!


The only city in the world, located between two continents, Europe and Asia, divided from the famous Bosphorus strait!

The city, also known as Constantinopole, served for nearly sixteen centuries as capital for many empires, such as the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman.

A true gem that everyone should visit at least once during their lifetime and admire all the significant monuments dating from the Byzantine and Ottoman era…

Istanbul is the most famous and populous city in Turkey with over 16 million residents!Has always been of great commercial and strategic importance and this is why Istanbul is the country’s economical, cultural, and historical center

For all these reasons the city is within the first five travel destinations worldwide! Every year millions of tourists visit Istanbul, regardless the weather conditions

With a borderline Mediterranean climate, weather will not prevent you of coming here. But because of the size of the city, the climate differ in some districts compared to the city center. In general, winters are cold, with daily average 6-11 Celsius degrees and summers are hot, with daily average 30 Celsius degrees

The public transportaiton in Istanbul is very extensive. Trams, buses, metro, metro buses, ferries…which connects all the main areas. Each year the metro extends and covers more and more districts. The residents use everyday the public transportation to go to their jobs, to school or everywhere they want, and the tickets are almost cheap compared to what they offer

One more thing about Istanbul that will definitely amaze you, is the the entertainment! Thousands of places to enjoy your nights…bars,cafes,restaurants. The locals knows how to have fun and you will certainly be seduced by their joy and hospitality! Another ace up their sleeve is the delicious food! A unique experience to your taste buds…


If you want to get to know this unbelievable city and learn all about its’ amazing history, the only thing you have to do is to have a look at this page: