Маrmaris – Is one of the best resort destinations for young people. The resort attracts tourists from all different countries, particularly Europeans. 


You will have:

• Affordable relaxation and rest all while being in the center of fun and constant activity.

• Scenic beauty – in contrast to the more eastern and drier Alanya. Resorts in southwest Turkey, including Marmaris, allow you to vacation comfortably amongst lush vegetation of magnificent Mediterranean landscapes.

• Marmaris is also conveniently a great location for excursions to ancient attractions.

What to do?

• The famous Bar Street life does not stop, day or night. Here you can sit in a cozy cafe or restaurant. Entrance is generally free in most locations so you’ll only pay for drinks.

• From the harbor to the park stretches a charming boardwalk along the shore. On the waterfront there are many cafes and restaurants offering eloquent seafood dishes.

• The Greek island of Rhodes can be reached by ferry within an hour and a half.

• Two small waterparks make it perfect for those traveling with children.


Dead Sea and Fethiye is considered one of the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean. Here you will find many historical monuments and rock tombs left by the inhabitants of the ancient city Talmessosa, one of the largest cities of Lycia, part of the Delian League. One of the most significant monuments within the city is Rocky Necropolis.

You will have:

• Fethiye is adjacent to the ancient city Kayakoy, which was once a Greek settlement.

• Paragliding, jeep tour, a tour on a yacht consisting of visits to dozens of islands, such as the island of Cleopatra with a sunken city and the island of pirates.

• The descent to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea will bring a lasting impression.

• Above the bay rises the fortress of the Knights, and a tomb dating back to 3-4 century BC.

What to do?

• Its incredible beauty and splendor of vegetation attracts an array of butterflies. Known better as the Butterfly Valley, its quiet sanctuary setting, which is home to almost all kinds of butterflies.

• From year to year tourists gather in the small mountain village of Uzumlu particularly for its Ottoman style stone houses which are surrounded by forests and mountains. The ancient city of Tlos, founded about 4000 years ago, offers breathtaking views of the valley with fertile fields and orchards.

• Near Fethiye is a lagoon with crystal clear water (Blue Lagoon), this popular destination brings forth many divers and lovers of boating excursions.

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