Side Resort Details: 

* Side region is one of the oldest settlements known for its inhabitance by the Greeks eight thousand years ago. However, the city is not Greek, but rather it is Anatolian and translates to “pomegranate” – a symbol known for fertility during those times. In ancient times, Side was one of the richest city in the Mediterranean where pirate ships moored, and the city market flourishing in slave trade. There are lots of unique architectural monuments.

Colaklı – Modern 4 and 5 star hotels are located here with magnificent golden sandy beaches.


Kumkoy – a picturesque bay with gently sloping beaches, and shallow coastal waters. Ideal for families with children.


Тitreyengol – famous for its artificial lake, sandy beaches and laidback and cheerful village atmosphere.


Kızılagac – Large club hotels with sandy beaches and pine forests.


Sorgun – Club hotels located amongst coniferous forests with spacious sand and pebble beaches.


– Roman arched gate, the ancient theater, the temple of Athena and Apollo, Roman baths, a necropolis, a statue of the emperor Vespasian. The city of Side, located on a small peninsula, is a major cultural and commercial center of the region. Well known to many tourists, Side’s plentiful hotels are both luxurious and located amongst breathtaking views of the coast.