Street Foods Istanbul



Istanbul may be the only city in the world which offers so many street vendors! At the city center, at the historical sights and almost all over the city, you can find tasteful and fresh products that will give you a great boost to continue your exploration in this amazing city!



Beef Sandwich

Beef Sandwich (Köfte Ekmek)

A very popular meal, with bread and Turkish kofte, which is actually grilled pieces of minced meat. Accompanied with ayran and salad, is a delicious meal that you can find it at many spots in the city

Balık Ekmek

Fish Sandwich (Balık Ekmek)

One of the most delicious sandwiches you should try in the city. It is bread with grilled fish fillet, tomato, onion and lettuce! You can easily find it at Eminonu and Karakoy areas

Nohut Pilav

Rice With Chickpeas (Nohut Pilav)

A meal which consists mixed rice and chickpeas. Sold in portions, you can find it all day long at a very cheap price. You can also add pieces of boiled chicken on the top

Islak Burger

Wet Burger (Islak Burger)

Dampened bread rolls with sweet tomato and onion sauce, left in steam glass cases. Although its not so attractive, its the perfect meal for all times of the day, especially after drinks



Savory crepes with thin dough, filled with either potato, spinach, cheese or a mix with the three of them. Quick, cheap and delicious



Made of several thin layers of phyllo. There are different kinds based on the fillings, shapes and the cooking types. The fillings are usually with cheese, minced meat, vegetables, potato and spinach. It is usually eaten for breakfast, accompanied by tea



A circular kind of bread, full covered with sesame seeds. One of the most famous products in the city, eaten by thousands of people every day, especially in the morning. Accompanied with Turkish cay, makes a great breakfast

Midye Dolma

Mussels (Midye Dolma)

Small boiled mussels stuffed with spicy rice. Open it, squeeze lemon and enjoy! People eat mussels all day long, but especially after drinking or as an accompaniment to their raki. Sold by piece


Chestnuts (Kestane)

Soasted chestnuts are sold all year long, but mostly during the winter months. A tradition that has existed for hundreds of years. Make sure they are not undercooked


Corn (Mısır)

The absolute must street food! You can find it boiled or grilled, served on corn leaves with salt! Some of them are also boiled into milk

Patlamış Mısır

Pop Corn (Patlamış Mısır)

Most of the times those sellers are on the move, especially in front of bars and cafes, so the customers can get a box of pop corn to accompany their drinks. The pop corn is made at that time, so not only it is fresh but you can smell it from far away!

Sıkma Meyve Suyu

Fresh Juices (Sıkma Meyve Suyu)

Mainly from pomegranate and oranges, very cheap freshly squeezed juices, which give you vitamins and energy!

Osmanlı Macunu

Ottoman Candy (Osmanlı Macunu)

A soft and sweet toffee paste. Full of colors, prepared with many herbs and spices, served in a round tray with separate parts for the various flavors. Very famous among children… and not only

İçli Köfte

Stuffed Meatballs (Içli Köfte)

A food which comes from Lebanese, has a cylinder shaped, made of bulgur, onions, lean beef or lamb with many spices. A very delicious fried croquette

Pamuk Şekeri

Cotton Candy (Pamuk Şeker)

Very famous especially among the kids. A colorful and nostalgic food, made by heating sugar. A cloud-shaped candy also known as candyfloss

Çiğ Körte

Raw Meatballs (Çiğ Köfte)

Raw meatballs, made not with meat but with bulgur and onions. Lot of spices mixed with bulgur, which makes this food very hot! Sold either by piece or as sandwich

Taze Meyve

Fresh Fruits (Taze Meyve)

Depending on the season, you will find vendors selling fresh fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, bananas, melons, grapes and many more. Always cut and cleaned, in small boxes ready to be eaten

Buzlu Badem

Almond on Ice (Buzlu Badem)

These sellers are on the move, holding a round plate with almonds and small ice cubes on top of them. They usually walk near pubs and restaurants, because this snack is ideal with drinks. The almonds are left for few hours in water and then served on ice to remove the peel easily


Nuts (Çerez)

Sold in small or bigger packets, depending on the amount you want. Peanuts, almonds, rice puffs, walnuts, pistachios, candy balls and sometimes even dried fruits